Stellar Exploration: Based in the EU with a parent company in the USA
We have your back from idea to flight

For decades, we have been helping our customers to execute ambitious space projects within their budget and timeline.

Energy Management

The power supply and management on your spacecraft is safely handled by our team.

We ensure superior mass efficiency and proven reliability.

Spacecraft Propulsion

We deliver the best quality, performance and reliability in bipropellant and monopropellant propulsion systems for demanding missions.

We Are Hiring

We always need creative & versatile engineers for our office in Prague

Feel free to send your CV to

Radio Frequency Engineering

We have experience in designing and manufacturing specialized antennae and associated RF electronics for spacecraft

Rapid custom delivery for various solutions

Energy Management 

Microsatellite Battery with High Power Capability:  Affordable Solution with Proven Reliability 

Propulsion for Small Satellites

Affordable, practical, near-term solution for agile space missions requiring high-thrust maneuvers

Radio Frequency Engineering

Affordable, practical, near-term solutions for agile space missions requiring specialized radio communications

We have experience in designing and manufacturing specialized antennae and associated RF electronics for spacecraft


Looking for creative passionate engineers for our development lab in Prague.

Junior Space Engineer(s)

Engineers of various specialties are wanted for an EU branch of a small U.S. aerospace company which is being established in Prague.

We are looking for enthusiastic creative people with these engineering skills:

The best candidates will be versatile — With deep excellence at their speciality but also flexible with broad interdisciplinary understanding of multiple technologies. After all, every satellite is inherently a complex assembly of electronics, mechanisms, software operating in challenging physical environment. It is also essential that candidates are comfortable moving between conceptual design, detailed engineering, hardware fabrication and system testing of actual spacefaring components ("český kutil” is the perfect model). In our view, diversity of engineering experience is essential to develop capable and well-rounded engineering talent.

The job: You may work remotely with the US team or locally on EU projects. You should expect to be able to travel on business and occasionally spend  a few weeks with the US team in California.

The process:

After initial shortlisting you will go through several interviews (mostly video) including a psychological evaluation which will assess your abilities and your match with current project needs.

Remote work is a realistic option.